Wim Hof Method // March 21st


12PM – 4PM @ CHURCH 444 110 George St.

Wim Hof Method Workshop
Expand your human capacity mentally, physically and spiritually with profound breathing techniques and cold exposure. This workshop is science based and heart centred approach lead by a certified Wim Hof method instructor.

You will learn how to:

  1. strengthen your immune system
  2. increase energy
  3. boost alkalinity, lower inflammation and pain
  4. recover faster
  5. lower heart rate, reduce stress, steer emotion
  6. clear physical & emotional blockages
  7. adapt and over come obstacles
  8. face fear

About Ashley 

Ashley was born in Hamilton and is happy to call it home again. She is a level 2 Wim Hof Method instructor who has learned from and worked directly with the Dutch extreme athlete known as the Ice Man. She has trained around the world teaching people how to unleash their inner strength, heal and evolve using their breath and the cold. 

Covid measures

  1. Participants are to enter the studio with a mask until they are sat down on their mat ready for class
  2. Participants are screened upon entry
  3. Each person is to sanitize hands at front desk
  4. Participants are instructed to use nasal breathing for breathwork exercise
  5. Participants keep water to neck level not submerging the mouth, nose, ears, eyes.
  6. Instructor takes temperature daily and ensures a clean and thoroughly sanitized room before and after class.
  7. Instructor wears mask until class starts and remains at a safe distance from participants.