Emotional Wellbeing

This workshop will discuss a holistic point of view to emotional wellbeing and why we need to take emotional pain as seriously as physical pain. It will help you understand, acknowledge and learn more about your emotions.

You will learn how to build:

  • a strong awareness of the emotions you experience
  • better manage overwhelming emotions
  • regulate your emotions
  • understand boundaries
  • use effective communication
  • strengthen resilience to stress
  • manage anxiety
  • Learn self-care tools to improve emotional wellbeing

Who is Alicia?!

Alicia is very passionate about empowering others to connect with and become their best self. Her focus is on community based healing. Her motto that she lives by is be the change.

Alicia’s journey began in 2011 searching for answers to her ongoing questions. With a curious mind, she went on to learn about society and world religions. This led her to explore and learn more about energy healing, plant medicine, yoga, meditation, essential oils and many other healing modalities and therapies.

In 2019 she graduated in her first 200hr RYTT with In Fine Feather, and continued her training with 20hr Children’s Yoga through Rainbow Kid’s. She is currently enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition program to become a Health Coach. When she is not in school, you will find her researching to learn more.

When: Sunday October 4th 2020 @ 2:30pm – 4pm