Thank you for registering with CHURCH 444.

We are excited to Move, Breathe and Create with you!

What’s next?

Be sure to look closely at the schedule as there are three different types of classes available to register for:

ONLINE – Virtual live stream in EST (Eastern Standard Time Zone) Links are emailed out 30 minutes before class begins. Our live stream sessions are through Mindbody. If you are streaming from a laptop or desktop, we recommend the FREE Mindbody Live Stream App. Additional live stream tips can be found HERE for optimal viewing.

STUDIO – Studio classes are limited to 4-6 bodies depending on the class type. Please pre-book your class in advance and let us know at least 12 hours in advance if you can’t make it. A late cancellation fee of $20 will be applied.

Social distance measures are in place and masks are worn until students arrive on their mats. Covid screening and sanitation upon arrival. Our HVAC system circulates fresh air and deep cleaning with hospital grade cleaner in between each session. If you or anyone in your household is feeling unwell, please stay home and we are happy to join you for online classes. 

STUDIO LIVESTREAM – Studio livestream classes are in person with 4 bodies per class depending on the class type. For these classes, the teacher is not physically teaching from the space but is live streaming from another location on our big screen television mounted to the studio wall.

Since this opens up space for one more body in the room, these classes are more active while the STUDIO, teacher led classes are more relaxing and meditative. With the teacher instructing from a screen, a safe barrier is created for louder classes while allowing students to practise in small, social group settings.

1. Prepare to Zoom!

Zoom is the platform we use for all live stream classes and workshops.

You can hook this up to most devices including tablet, phone, laptop and desktop computer.

We love connecting with our community through live stream and seeing your faces but always know you can turn your camera off at any point during the class if you feel most comfortable to do so.

Download and install the zoom software using this link:

2. Do you!

Always, always listen to your body.

If an instruction isn’t resonating with you or works for your body take whatever measures you need.

We are here to guide you and hold space during practice while honouring everyone’s differences and levels of capabilities.

3. Music

Sound and music are super important to us and after some trial and error we figured out that sending out playlist links via Spotify provides the best quality for sound while being able to hear the instructor.

Feel free to play any music you like or enjoy the class without any sound at all if that is your preference.

4. Register

Please register for classes and workshops in advance.

Our booking window closes 15 minutes before the scheduled class.

We understand that life is sometimes last minute – if you are popping into class last minute we will try our very best to add you in. A double check for last minute sign-ups is frequent but not guaranteed.

LIVE Zoom links will be emailed out 15 minutes before the start of each class.

Pre-recorded Class links will be emailed out at the scheduled time and are available for 24 hours.

5. Zone

Set up your zone the way that feels best for you.

Surround yourself with things that make you happy –  lucky objects, a favourite scent, plants, photos of loved ones.

You are taking time out of your day for you. Make it count by providing the best experience for yourself that you possibly can.

If you have props at home feel free to add some support to your practise. Use household items as a substitute for blocks and bolster like books, blankets and pillows. 

6. Join the Movement

Find us on Facebook & Instagram

Join the movement by tagging us in classes, DM us your favourite music you want to hear, etc! Get involved!

Every Thursday through Instagram LIVE we connect with a different member of the community who is passionate about sharing their story on mental health, recovery movement practise.

Tune in to Instagram LIVE every other Saturday to check out some local musicians as we talk about the power of music, what inspires creativity and listen to some live music.