VIRTUAL Chakra Macrame Workshop


  • Must register through Mindbody by Tuesday January 19th to ensure delivery of supplies and information for optimal experience! Grab a drink, set up your space, do it with a pal and make a fun creative night out of it.

Ashley will guide you through some basic macrame steps all well helping you create this beautiful piece for your home in your home.

  • $65 // Includes all supplies for macrame creation + easy to attach crystals representing each Chakra * curb-side pick up or delivery within downtown Hamilton core.
  • 15 spots available to ensure attention to detail and assistance.

Not included but recommended:

– clothing rack or closet rack to work from. Limited clothing racks and stools are available to borrow (first come first serve).

– stool or chair

– scissors

– tape

Macrame kits can be picked up at Church 444 or local delivery available.

Once registered please contact Ashley at for further details.


Attention Intention Action

A three-part workshop series facilitated by Steve Ferrell

Welcome to the ultimate guide in making simple and sustainable shifts in 2021. In this workshop series we will discuss and practice with evidence-based tools to improve awareness, clarify goals and move toward a deeper more attentive life. Each workshop will include movement and mindfulness practices as well as some theory/philosophy and didactic learning.


Saturday January 9th 2:30pm – 4pm EST
Where we are, in this present moment, is always the starting point for us to move in any direction. How can we figure out where to go, unless we get clear as to where we are? In this first of three parts, we’ll primarily focus on the Attention component as a foundation for every INTENTION and ACTION. Exploring some of the reasons why attention practices can be so important to establishing and creating sustainable goals and behavioural changes. We’ll also touch on several ways that we can practice bringing more attention into our daily lives in very functional and useful ways.


Saturday January 16th 2:30pm – 4pm
How is it that we choose where to go? What are the primary influences when pointing our self in any direction? In this second of three parts, we’ll shine a light on the philosophy and practice of INTENTION. When life shifts in unexpected ways, this tends to be when we lose our way. Learn skills and develop tools to practice being adaptable in the face of change. Exploring the ways in which we can choose, travel and shift our trajectory in any given moment.


Saturday January 23rd 2:30pm – 4pm
Some say, “The road to hell is paved in good intentions?” Very easily we can create some amazingly tremendous goals for ourselves but can just as easily get tripped up or get frozen when it’s time to take action and make that first step. In this third of three parts, we’ll take ACTION. Discussing ways that we can make lasting shifts in our behaviour in the small ways and in BIG ways. When we get clearer on where we are and where we want to, it becomes easier to determine how we want to get there.