Sound Therapy // For The Culture Fundraiser

Sound Therapy/Interactive Workshop + For the Culture Fundraiser

Sound has been used for thousands of years as a tool for
healing, moving us from a place of imbalance to a place of
balance. By using rhythm and frequency, we can regulate the central, autonomic and peripheral nervous systems to release stress, trauma, and emotions and allow the body to release and regulate.

This 2 hour webinar has been developed to bring the
healing qualities of sound as a therapeutic tool to
Individuals, Health Care Professionals, Groups and
organizations and is personalized around specific mental
health issues such as Pain, Stress, Mental Health,
Trauma, Addiction, PTSD or purely for relaxation.

Included in this webinar are introduction and overview of
Stress, Trauma(PTSD), Pain, Mental Health and Addictions. To simplify this information, the Workshop will be in 5 parts with 10 mins for Group Break Out Room Excercises after each part. In total 1 hours and 40 minutes of information and 20 minutes of Q and A and discussion at the end.

We will go into the neuroscience of how they are related with the parasympathetic, sympathetic, central and peripheral nervous systems. We will provide an introduction on how Eastern medical correspondences relate to these systems, and the three basic ways of approaching your healing sessions.

This webinar combines sound therapy principles with Eastern Medicine, Mindfulness and Neuroscience in an accessible way that introduces healthcare professionals, therapists, and those with an interest in wellness, with the tools to share sound as a form of wellness and healing.

Part 1: Foundations (10 mins + 10 mins Group Break Out Room Exercise)

  • Introduction to sound as a therapeutic tool
  • Discussion of sound
  • Vibration and consciousness
  • Exercise (mindfulness meditation)
  • Favourite Song/Sound
  • Historic uses of sound and scientific evidence
  • What key are you resonating at?
  • Root frequency.

Part 2: The Western Neuroscience, the Nervous Systems and Stress (10 mins and 10 Group Break Out Room Exercise)

  • Entertainment and the brain
  • Brain Waves and Stress: The Physical, Mental/Emotional, Spiritual Systems
  • Neurobiology, Neuropsychology, Neurospirituality
  • Western correspondences

Part 3: Eastern Relationships to the Nervous Systems and Stress (10 mins and 10 Group Break Out Room Exercise)

  • Micro and Macrocosm
  • Eastern nervous system correspondences
  • Eastern brain mapping
  • Mapping Eastern organ systems and emotions
  • Mapping Ayurvedic Chakra systems and endocrine

Part 4: Binaural Beats, Tones and Melodic Intervals (10 mins and 10 mins Group Break Out Room Exercise)

  • Binaural beats and what that means
  • Relationship of binaural beats to brainwaves
  • Tones and their relationship to the Eastern Organ Systems
  • Tones and their relationship to Ayurvedic Chakra Systems
  • Relationship of Ayurvedic and Eastern Systems
  • Melodic Interval Theory

Part 5: Integrating Sound into your practice and daily lives (10 mins and 10 Group Break Out Room Exercise)

  • Three ways to relate and connect
  • Exercise in Toning
  • Instruments and Voice
  • Sound in reprocessing, storylines, parts work, pain
  • Sound for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Wellbeing

** Workshop is donation based with 100% of profits going towards the For The Culture Mural. Purchase a pass through Mindbody (sliding scale drop-in) or if you already have a pass with us, donate direct to the GoFundMe page.

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