V-Day Gratitude // KOE Design


Feeling like you are just slogging your way through this second pandemic winter? Same.

I personally know that it is the people I love – my friends and family – who are keeping me sane. This Valentines Day, let’s zoom out and focus more broadly on not just romantic love, but also on platonic love. Thinking of our friends and family members, the way they have been there for us, the way they have adapted to new technologies, the way they have stepped out of their comfort zones to remain connected just chokes me up!!

In this workshop I will guide you through the step by step process of making an adorable valentine that folds up into an even more adorable little envelope. As we are crafting together we will talk about gratitude for the people in our lives and the way we feel about them. We will explore how meaningful our human relationships have become when most other things have been stripped away. We will come together to appreciate the people who brighten our every days, make them a valentine card, and tell them how we feel. Lets get cheesy and leave no love unexpressed!

What you’ll need:

– 2 pieces of paper (fun colours if you have!)

– scissors – glue/tape

– writing supplies – ribbon / string

and if you have them:

– fun things to glue on

– paint

– markers

– pencil crayons

– glitter

– cute tape

– stickers

– any other snazzy craft items!

*Short on supplies at home and don’t have access to a store? Reach out to us through DM or email and we’ll hook you up with some crafts from the studio for a curb-side pick up.