Intro To Creative Arts

Introduction to Creative Arts Group Course
LOVEAMV House of Creative Arts

8 week group course through CHURCH 444

This course is for anyone who:

● Curious about their creative potential
● May already be a creative but is looking for ways to channel new inspiration
and exploring different forms of art
● In a personal-development stage or willing to be open to personal growth
using creative mediums and practices
● Interested in the psychology of the creative arts
● Interested in exploring artistic expressions of the human sensory system
● Want a foundation to begin their creative journey and potential career
● Interests in potentially further exploring Fine Arts, The Art of Movement, and
Contemporary Digital Art.
● Looking for like-minded creatives to bounce ideas off of and learn from each
other’s artistic practices.
● Want to learn the language of the creative industry
● Have resources to experiment with different artistic mediums and practices.

The main purpose is to create a safe bridge for one to connect to their personal creative outlets and then afterwards further experiment with various mediums that
allow self expression.

This course will begin by covering the psychology of colour, mood-boards, creative research for motivation, and artistic goal setting. Afterwards students will be introduced to three areas of creative arts, and each area will have their own
Masterclasses following the Intro course.

These three sections include:

Fine Arts (Painting, Drawing, mixed mediums)

Art of Movement (Dancing, Singing, Playing Instruments, Musical Theatre)

Digital Arts (graphic design, digital illustration,
animation, branding).

What does it entail?
● 8 group calls that go over the fundamentals of discovering your creative niche and how to channel aspects from multiple artistic practices that can refine
you as a creative. (valued at $500)
● An eBook/manual on the Introduction to Creative Arts, that includes all the information taught in the classes, as well as additional resources and special
activities. (valued at $200)
● BONUS Artistic goal setting coaching & career guidance 1:1 session at the end of the program (valued at $100)
● BONUS 8 animated resource videos for each weeks lessons (valued at $200)

Group Course Syllabus

Week 1 – Introduction to course / psychology of color / finding your niche, recognizing
your strengths

Week 2 – Curating mood-boards / psychology of creative energy and healing /applying life to art

Week 3 – Artistic goal setting / Intro to creative mediums and experimentation

Week 4 – Intro to Fine Arts / fundamentals of painting, drawing, mixed mediums

Week 5 – Intro to The Art of Movement / how dance is beneficial / how music is beneficial / movement expression in various forms of the human body

Week 6 – Intro to Contemporary Digital Arts / fundamentals of graphic design /psychology of digital art / reality vs. reality concept 1:1 session (couple days before class on Week 6)

Week 7 – Human sensory system’s relation to creative arts

Week 8 – Course conclusion. Group conversation on where each student gravitated
to in the course when exploring the different areas of creative arts.

Benefits and results of taking this program:
● You receive the Introduction to Creative Arts certificate from LOVEAMV House of Creative Arts
● You receive a 30% coupon and guaranteed spot in one of the three following group courses specializing in Fine Arts, The Art of Movement, and Contemporary Digital Arts at LOVEAMV House of Creative Arts
● An opportunity to add more artistic skill sets to your plate and offer them in a professional manner
● Discover different sides to being a creative – enhancing personal growth and development
● Gain an understanding on how to channel inspiration and recognize personal strengths

VALUE: $1000
OFFER: $600

Payment plan options:
1. 2x $300 (one upon confirmation of enrollment, and one before Week 4)

2. 4x $150 (down payment upon enrollment required, payments due of $150 2 hrs before class on Week 2, Week 4, and before the 1:1 session between Week 6 and 7)

Facilitator Bio:


I’m what they call a classic ‘millennial’. Instead of pink I opt for plum and earth tones and thrive to discover the secrets behind my mothers Italian cooking. Having been born in the early 90’s I was exposed to the best mash-up of pop culture, music, art and fashion a girl could dream of. This has been the base of my creative energy, and I thrive to discover more in history and psychology to strengthen my foundation even more. I have vast experiences in Fine Arts, Graphic Design, Contemporary Arts, Fashion, and Music. I currently work with the Art Direction on personal branding for clients, freelance illustration, and curating educational programs on enhancing the creative arts skills as personal growth.