Supportive Resources & Places

Grenfell Ministries

Grenfell Ministries, a Unitarian Universalist faith-based Ministry that aims to provide support to marginalized communities through programming that focuses on seniors, youth, those experiencing homelessness folks who use substances, and those who are or were formerly incarcerated.

Wesley Centre

One of the longest standing non-profits in the region, serving Hamilton, Halton and Brantford. The Wesley Centre fights for those battling the effects of poverty, in every stage and from every walk of life.

Hamilton Urban Core

Hamilton Urban Core is an inner city health centre with thousands of registered clients who routinely access the Centre’s many programs and services. Over the years Hamilton Urban Core has worked diligently with individuals and communities to not only change the lives of thousands of inner city residents, but to also shape a better, healthier city for the client communities served and represented by the Centre.


SACHA is a fem­i­nist, non-prof­it, com­mu­ni­ty-based orga­ni­za­tion that pro­vides sup­ports to peo­ple who have expe­ri­enced sex­u­al­ized vio­lence at any point in their lives. SACHA works to end vio­lence and oppres­sion through edu­ca­tion, advo­ca­cy, out­reach, coali­tion build­ing, com­mu­ni­ty part­ner­ships, and activism.

Body Brave

As a leader driving change, Body Brave is a charity providing accessible eating disorder treatment and support, as well as advancing community training and education.

ROCK Reach Out Centre

ROCK Reach Out Centre for Kids was designated by the Ministry of Child and Youth Services (MCYS) as the child and youth mental health Lead Agency for Halton in August 2014. With programs and services that run out of 11 sites and three main offices, ROCK is committed to being inclusive, client-centred and family-centred. With over 40 years of service in Halton, we are dedicated to building strong people, strong families and strong communities.

Positive Space Network

The Positive Space Network builds community and creates safer spaces for 2SLGBTQ+ youth ages 6-24 in Halton Region by creating youth-focused programming, providing mental health support and cultivating community partnerships. We are actively working towards a future in which diverse 2SLGBTQ+ youth, individuals and families live in a welcoming and supportive world.


The 541 is a cafe that believes everyone deserves access to good food. The cafe gives people the opportunity to help someone else pay for their meal by “buying buttons”. Each button is worth $1, and anyone can use up to 5 buttons a day from the button jar to buy whatever they would like from the menu. 

“We believe there is dignity in choice, and that eating together fosters a diverse community of belonging around the table. We use our space and proceeds from food sales to host free community groups and youth programming.” – 541

Mental Health & Substance Involved Justice

Hamilton Legal Outreach (HLO) understands that people living with mental health and substance use concerns can face barriers in accessing legal services. HLO aims to reduce those barriers by meeting people in their communities, so that we are involved in a journey towards recovery and harm-reduction.

Hamilton Community Legal Clinic and Legal Aid Ontario have teamed up through HLO to offer FREE legal clinics in the community where individuals can talk to a lawyer confidentiality and with no judgment.

Ontario Psychotherapy & Counseling Program (OPC)

The Overdose Prevention: 888-853-8542

Drug and Alcohol Helpline


1-800-565-8603 (Toll Free)

1-800-565-8603 (Crisis Line)

Mental Health Helpline


1-866-531-2600 (Toll Free)

1-866-531-2600 (Crisis Line)

Embracing Yoga

While we don’t necessarily consider ourselves a Yoga studio, we do acknowledge that a big part of our message is rooted in sharing Yoga as a lifestyle to our community. Yoga, beyond the mat, the clothing and advanced postures as we have come to know it in Western culture is birthed from the lifestyle and traditional teachings of Eastern Philosophies.

As we continue to strive to do better to share this message and bridge the gap of honrouing the roots of Yoga while staying inspired to evolve with grace and creativity, we would like to share some resources that have helped us continue on this path.

If you are new to teachings of Yoga, these resources are great to help you get started in addition to participation of classes. You can gain a lot from one Yoga class, it may even be the door to help create your own movement or Yoga practise which it has for many of us on the Creator Team at Church 444. May your exploration continue to dive deeper into the roots of Yoga and how you can apply these themes into your own life and serve your communities.


Spiritual Teacher
Founder of Naturality

Jivasu has hosted serval workshops and classes through Church 444 and it always a great pleasure to work alongside and learn from his teachings.

Jivasu’s teachings emerged from his direct spiritual experience.

Jivasu was born and raised in India. From a young age, his interests lay in understanding the depths of human consciousness. He trained as a paediatrician and after meeting his wife Karen, they moved to the Indian Himalayan foothills to serve marginalized communities. 

Even as he worked as a physician, Jivasu continued his spiritual studies. With his medical background, he became deeply interested in the link between science and spirituality. Later, he studied integrative mind-body medicine at Harvard Medical School. 

Jivasu’s work focuses on  the bio-psychological architecture  of what he calls the “natural self.” This led him to build a framework titled  “Naturality,”  which explores the scientific basis of energy, consciousness, complete health, and spirituality.

Jivasu has extensively  studied the intersections of biomedicine, neuroscience, acupuncture, meditation, and a variety of ancient wisdom traditions, including KundaliniChakras, and Nada Yoga (yoga of sound and music). He is able to synthesize a wide variety of insights into an easily digestible, modern approach  that guides people down their own unique spiritual path.  

The Naturality approach (natural spirituality) is an integrative framework that brings together insights and research from many perspectives. It is a cohesive system that recognizes the complexity and the unique composition of each individual’s mind and body. By finding our own natural spirituality, we can access higher states of consciousness and energy, experiencing deep fulfillment and joy.

He is the author of  Naturality: A Natural Path of Awakening and Meditation.

Jivasu  teaches integrative mind-body  medicine in medical schools worldwide, as well as his training programs of Naturality, Kundalini Yoga, and Nada Yog



Susanna Barkataki has been a well respected and incredible resource for the direction we would like to take our space in as we move forward with building the Church 444 community and passing on the teachings of Yoga.

India Aid Organizations

Resources to Research/Learn From/Contribute To

Right now India is experiencing an exponential and devastating COVID 19 surge. Below are some organisations that do work on the ground with those most impacted. This is an open source list created with resources from Indians in India and in the diaspora with the intention of getting as much aid to India as possible so please share. With all the gifts that India has given the world, we commit to embrace, give care, reparations and respect to the roots of wisdom traditions such as Yoga, Ayurveda, Mythology, Jyotish, Tantra and so much other cultural wisdom. We are committed to support communities impacted by systemic oppression and injustice and work to create equity rather than appropriate. To share care wherever suffering and harm exist.

We encourage self reach, critical thinking and exploration of resources before sharing and/or donating to any organization.

Covid Aid

Aid India //

Khalsa Aid India //

Farmer Protest Support and also providing medical care, oxygen and aid through India where needed.

Hemkunt Foundation //

Oxygen distribution and humanitarian aid.

Apne Aap Women Worldwide //

Food, shelter, aid and legal services to sex trafficked girls and women throughout India.

Action Aid Indian //

Maitri India //

Sri Lanka – Sarvodaya Service-Based Social Change //

Yoga-Based Service/Schools in India

Manav Sadhna //

Kushi Yoga Academy //


Chhoti Si Asha // support their work through

Manzil //

Anti Caste Oppression Publishing House //

** The majority of this list has been compiled from Susanna Barakati’s India Aid Organizations document.

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Note: The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act of 2010 has been recently amended to prohibit non-governmental organisations in India from directly accepting foreign contributions, without prior permission from the Government of India. Please read this and check with the organization before donating.