Risa Maldonado

I’ve been a mover my whole life.

From a young age I was involved in a whole slew of athletics. Swimming, diving, soccer, gymnastics, I did em’ all.

When I got to high school I fulfilled my 14 year old life long dream of becoming a cheerleader and blissfully lived this dream successfully for 10 amazing years.

After retiring from cheerleading I found yoga. Being an avid practitioner for 4 years, I completed my 200 hour Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in November of 2016. Unlike many, I had very little desire to teach after my teacher training.

I felt like I had opened 8 books and only read the first chapter of each. I went deeper into my practice and continued to dig and search.

Keeping a light teaching schedule I continued to expand my knowledge in breathwork, anatomy, strength training and conditioning and the mind-body connection.

Training with leaders in the movement industry such as; Kathryn Bruni Young and Robin Lacambra.

Now four year later I am ready to share this buildup of knowledge.