Monika Benkovich

Monika’s journey from growing up in a bar in downtown Hamilton, to living as an artist and mental health activist in the Bay Area of California and the Sea-To-Sky in BC, to the creative formation of Kali Ma CHURCH has been a wavey one.⠀

Her love of music, authenticity, artistry and people from all walks of life are the foundations of KMC. She believes her souls purpose is to create and connect and to help others find their own journey through this process.⠀

Monika has experience with depression and body abuse and has made it a priority to understand her empathic abilities as she believes there to be a direct link to earlier years of not understanding her sensitivities and struggles.⠀

Her interest in spirituality began with @noahlevine108 Dharma Punx followed by an EE position at @delasolyoga years later. After graduating 200hr YTT with DLS with a faculty of teachers who greatly influenced her initial love of yoga (the OG influencers @quickhityoga @movewellfeelgood ) she developed Punk Rock Yoga under the inspiration of Kimberlee Jensen Stedl.⠀

PRY is an invitation to walk your own path feeling supported by your community. To live boldly. Shamelessly. Owning your own power. And maybe throwing in a middle finger in your exalted warrior two. 🤘🏼⠀

Monika has continued her trainings with Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Kids Yoga through Antoinette Finelli & @yogaaah_onsite and is currently in the @goodbodyfeel 2020 cohort. She considers herself a student first and will continue taking trainings and workshops for the rest of her life.⠀

She is beyond stoked to launch Kali Ma CHURCH tomorrow and is incredibly thankful for the community support here in Hamilton and from her friends & family on the West Coast.

To book a private yoga, reiki, or meditation session with Monika Benkovich, please visit today!