Michelle Hudecki

Michelle took her first yoga class in 2006 with Alex Bovkis at a local church and became a regular student.

Yoga had such a gentle, healing and magic quality it became a regular practice for Michelle. Michelle – a former competitive gymnast, loved that she could still physically challenge her body, but yoga taught her how to listen within.

After completing her first 200h RYT in 2013 training program under the tutelage of Katie McClelland, the endless study continued with noted instructors such as Doug Swenson, Kino MacGregor and Meghan Currie.

Yoga has taken Michelle on some interesting adventures! From teaching at a music festival in Arizona to the jungle of Costa Rica!

Michelle has used yoga to the benefit of many facets of her life and passionately passes along that experience to all of her students, regardless of skill level.While serious about her practice she likes to keep the atmosphere in class light and welcoming for all.