Matt Nash

Matt Nash is a Yoga and Sound Practitioner. For the past couple years Matt has been exploring the power of sound physically, mentally, creatively, energetically, spiritually and emotionally.

Years ago, Matt adapted yoga into his life and realized the deep connection between yoga and sound. He recently completed his 200 RYT in Sivananda Yoga and is now teaching this classical sequence of postures (Asanas), breathing exercises(Pranayama) and purification techniques (Kriyas).

Matt now focuses on harnessing the energetic powers of sound, frequency, mantras and music to help others overcome their obstacles.

Matt studied and received his Sound Therapy Certificate from the Globe Institute of Recording and Production, where he was taught by the top instructors in the field.

He is very passionate about helping others and wants to show people how they can make a difference within themselves, finding new pathways to a better fulfilled, creative life using the energy of sound and yoga.