Gerald Moore

Hi I’m Gerald.

I’m a husband, brother, son and father.

So how did I get involved in Yoga? My wife is a yogi and although I heard all about the physical and mental benefits of yoga it wasn’t something I was comfortable doing.

To be honest, I didn’t want to look stupid.

I’d tried a few classes in the past and always felt two steps behind.

I was spending more time looking at what everybody else in the class was doing, trying desperately to catch up.

It was a disaster. I walked out mid class more than once. Rolled up my mat and sulked away. Yoga wasn’t for me.

I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t do this as well as everybody else, I was an athletic guy. …yet yoga was a mystery.

Then… wife organized a camping weekend….at least I thought it was a camping weekend. After I had committed to going, I discovered it was a yoga retreat…I felt duped, I was cranky, I offered my daughter money to take my place…but do you know what?  My wife won, I went on the yoga retreat…and it was amazing!

The other “campers” were fantastic. They were super friendly, funny and completely down to earth. Nobody cared that I didn’t know the poses, nobody even noticed.

They were encouraging and super supportive. Turns out the biggest obstacle to my yoga journey was my ego.

One of the people on the yoga retreat was a teacher, she was funny, irreverent and swore like a sailor. My kinda people. She invited me to take her class when we returned to the city, so I did.

After a few of Pips classes, I had an epiphany; why didn’t anybody in the class look like me? The non yogis? The beer league hockey player? The former athletes? Where was the yoga for the people by the people? The folks in their mid 40’s who had tight hips, tight hamstrings, little to no flexibility? the people that were forced to abandon the remote when it fell to the floor?

Why weren’t they doing this? Probably the same reasons it took me so long…ego.

It was around that time that I decided to become a yoga teacher. It still sounds crazy now.

I got teased unmercifully by pals, but I pushed through and completed the course. One of two men in a class of 24. Many of the same guys who poked fun at me are now taking my classes.

If I can do this, you can do this.