Amanda Rose Campanaro

Amanda Rose Campanaro has been exploring the world of energy healing and divination for her entire life, but has taken her studies further over the last five years. She began her journey into holistic wellness and Magick after beginning a career in social work and recognizing flaws within the systemic  approaches. She quickly saw an opportunity to step outside the box of conventional counselling and began exploring Reiki and other forms of energy healing, Tarot, Astrology and essential oils.

Today she specializes in personal development and helping people regain their rhythmic connection to the world around them through mindfulness, Magick and breath. She is an avid traveller and kitchen with and has taken all of her teachings abroad and infused them into her work. 

Being an intuitive psychic, Amandaoften works by the astor-lunar calendar and uses techniques, tools, rituals and practises that are aligned with the earth and the Cosmo’s natural rhythm. By holding space to step outside the box of convention mindfulness Amanada thrives off creating experiences that will speak to your soul and initiate massive shifts in your life.