Alex Piccolo

Alex began training as a classical ballerina.

This was her initial exposure to movement and expression, and she developed a love for the discipline and focus of this training which she has carried with her into everything she does now.

Once she retired her ballet slippers, she took an interest in rowing for a few years. She fell in love with mornings on the water and the competitive nature of the sport.

Dipping her toes in as many physical disciplines as she could, She picked up boxing.

She continues to find the importance of disciplining both mind and body together. She is a firm believer that perseverance and strength of the mind translates directly to almost limitless potential in the body.

Anyone who has taken a class with her knows this very well. Alex’s classes are like a box of chocolates, you never really know what you’re going to get.

Currently, she is training as a manual student at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy.

You can find her buried under anatomy books with a big cup of coffee, spending time outdoors or with her big, Italian family.

All that you need in her class is your body (which presents itself different everyday) and a mindset to persevere.