Inspirations & Interpretations From The Body

“You’ll miss the best things if you keep your eyes shut.” – Dr. Seuss

We start this January 2021 instalment with the visual organs invested in our skulls that
see so many things. They can see the good, the bad, the crude, and the honourable. They see what is there, and sometimes what is not. Yes I am talking about the eyeballs, how do these lovely rotating orbs of all different colours do what they do? Well let’s start with an outside cue…

Light reflects off of objects, and the reflected light contacts the cornea (clear sheet
over the front of the eye), it then hits the lens. The lens is a flexible tissue that is controlled by tiny muscles in the eye, called ciliary bodies (keep note of this). Using the ciliary bodies the lens is able to flatten, or round itself depending on the objects distance.This step is crucial as it focuses light rays onto the retina at the back of the eye.

The light impulses pass then through the lens, and move through a vitreous humour
that keeps the eye in it’s spherical shape. After the vitreous humour the light rays make contact with layers of retina cells that use the light, and convert it to electrochemical impulses that funnel along the optic nerve, and to the visual cortex of the brain to be processed. If we contemplate the structural significance of these spheres, and what they could teach me based on their function. Turns out there was more to it than meets the eye.
Let’s go back to the lens where light is transferred into the eyes, and processed. This is
where we begin to tie in the significance, and the interpretations from the body. Just as the eye contains the diameter changing lens to transfer the light. Maybe altering the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional lens to view the same object, person, scenario from multiple angles.

In other words, instead of solely seeing myself as one way my entire life; alter my lens,
and view myself in a different light. This altered lens provides the ability to take in light at
multiple angles, to gain a different perspective, and challenge my own. The different ray of
interpretation may have not been considered, as sometimes the eyes look but do not see in

Please understand that this is my personal interpretation not meant to offend, or impose an
opinion on any person who reads it. Please take what you will, and leave what you do not
want. This is written by a student for life, and of life.

Writing and artwork by Creator Alex Piccolo